The Solution For Your Telephony

Be IP develops its own IP communication systems.

We distribute full-featured IP telephony and unified communication solutions, either through direct sales or through our qualified distributor network. Thanks to the high quality of our R&D team and the complete mastership of the products we conceive, we can design together with you the perfect solution to suit your needs.

As the sole developers of our solutions, we were also able to follow our own philosophy when building the product, resulting in a very coherent and atypical solution which is a really good fit for most of real life problems.

With Be IP, the keys are in your own hands.

At Be IP, we see no reason for you to buy a communication suite if you cannot do whatever you want with it, and do it yourself. Once the system has been installed at your location, you can be totally independent if you wish so. Of course we are always at your disposal to give you some assistance if you need so.

What you will never find at Be IP? Mandatory hosted service, information hidden on purpose and locked-in proprietary phones. You won’t come back to us because you are forced to, you will because you are happy to work with us.

“The Be IP offer opened new horizons to us. Two years later, we know this choice was the good one. Be IP… and let’s be happy!”

— Frédéric Vausort, ICT Manager, FIB Belgium

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

What makes our approach so unique in the communication world is our focus on making things simple, clear and easy to use. In one word, we want our solutions to be friendly:

  • Friendly to the administrator needing to alter the behaviour of the phone system he/she manages, sometimes without any notions of telephony.
  • Friendly to the users, who want to make and receive calls without the system getting in their way.

Simple is definitively not Stupid.

  • Manage call forwarding in case of up to 6 different events for each user.
  • Define distinct behaviours based on current time and date, or switch behaviour manually.
  • Give your users very granular permissions regarding outbound calls or service codes.
  • Manage users scattered among tenth of geographical locations with a single server.
  • Use only one number for any user by integrating his/her cell phone with the system.
  • Follow the path taken by an inbound call in the applications  from the beginning to the end.
  • Create interactive voice  menus with several levels of actions.
  • Set up very complex behaviour by assembling simple bricks together.
  • Active-active, redundant server system with no single point of failure.
  • Log into the system by using your usual password, through LDAP, IMAP or Active Directory.

This is only a small subset of what a Be IP LIBERTY Communication Server is capable of!

We take quality seriously.

At Be IP, we don’t make any compromise on quality. This is why we only work with high quality hardware (Polycom phones, Patton gateways and HP ProLiant servers) and software.

This is how you get the best solution available, with both a high reliability and maintenance costs taken down.

The right solution for all your needs.

Whatever you need, there is always a Be IP solution that will fit you. We grouped some of the most useful features provided by our systems into several pages corresponding to the sectors of activity where a given feature is the most useful. Don’t hesitate to crawl across all the following pages even if you do not belong to the related sector.

If you need to equip huge production hangars, and care about the mobility and safety of your people, discover our solutions for industries.

If you want to manage multiple sites and services in a breeze, have a look at our solutions for public sector.

If you focus on security, monitoring your users activity and care about privacy, please see our solutions for Police Stations.

If you need to keep in touch with your customers and need to integrate with your cellphones, our solutions for companies are made for you.

Learn how our offer for the healthcare sector will help you to focus on your patients.

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