About Us

Be IP is focused on bringing IP Telephony solutions based on open standards and technologies.

The company was founded by Voice over IP pioneers and is part of the European TELKEA group whose other key members are Téléphonie Luxembourg, Quant ICT, Riviera Telecom and Netline.

With major customers both in the public and private sectors, Be IP is positioned as a key player in the conception and the deployment of friendly IP telephony and unified communications solutions.


Be IP’s mission is to bring an easy and reliable solution which fits to the modern communication needs of companies. Be IP develops communication systems while keeping in mind three key points:

  • Reliability
  • Simplicity
  • Innovation

At Be IP, we recruit engineers according to their competencies. The Be IP engineers who lead the customer projects and develop our software suite are renowned in their expertise domain.

Whatever your needs may be, our engineering team will be able to satisfy your requirements by bringing a simple and reliable solution.

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