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Easy management and infinite possibilities with Be IP

Be IP has introduced the CityZen edition of the BeIP Communication Server, specifically fit for City Administrations.

Powerful Multi-Sites Support

Having several geographical sites handled by the same telephony system is a common requirement for administrations or companies spread across several buildings. This is why Be IP offers, as usual, a solution which is both very powerful and so easy to manage:

  • transparent handling of different network profiles,
  • and efficient call admission control to preserve quality when there are bandwidth constraints.

Easy Management

IT departments are in general under-staffed and need to be efficient using numerous technologies to satisfy their users’ needs.

That is why the telephony & unified communications solutions need to be easy to manage. We provide user-friendly management software allowing our customers to use the best of their systems.

Operator Console

Our operating console module allows easy management of incoming calls and queued calls.

The operator can monitor user status and transfer incoming calls in just 2 clicks. Moreover, users can be grouped into sites or activities for easy filtering.

Group phones and make them ring together

In the public sector it is common to have several services which will be accessed directly by the population and published on the city website. But it is also common to have several persons in a given service and have people move around.

This is why we give the possibility to group users together with a common, published number. We can then make all the phones ring together or in turn. This way we are robust to staff changes and people can keep their own number when changing affectation.

We can even go further by providing an automated interactive voice menu, dispatching calls to the various services from a single entry point.


Using open technologies relying on open standards has always been important in the public sector. Our products are based on the SIP protocol defined by the IETF and on a “no vendor lock-in” approach. That is why we are so successful.

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