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Cellphone Integration

Thanks to our unique number approach, company cellphones are perfectly integrated with our systems. Incoming calls can be transferred to the cellphone and bypass the cellphone voicemail so that users have only one voice mailbox. A user receiving a call on their cellphone can also transfer it back to any colleague using their extension.

Receive your faxes and voicemails from anywhere

With our virtual fax system and the integration of voicemails with e-mails, you can receive your voicemails and faxes from anywhere using your smart phone or laptop, as long as you can access your professional mailbox through your 3G connection or a local Wi-Fi access point.

Powerful Address Book

Our address book comes with user monitoring, transfer capabilities and click-to-call.

Users can be separated into categories. Access to those categories depends on the defined permissions.

User-Friendly Interface

Employees can easily access their address book, their profiles settings, their call history, their voice mailbox, … This is a powerful tool perfectly integrated with their computer.

Place and receive calls from anywhere

Wherever you are, you can place and receive calls as easily as you do when you connect on your enterprise VPN. This means you can make cheap local calls even if you’re on a trip to Brazil and stay in touch with your family!

The other facet of remotely available telephony is that you can work from home seamlessly, in this era of ecological matter.

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