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Polycom Kirk DECT Handsets

Quality DECT Infrastructure

Big industries often imply big production or storage sites and many workers wandering in big hangars, with heavy machinery traveling around. This is why you need handsets which are both reliable and durable, while relying simple and nice to use.

Polycom Kirk handsets resist to splashing water, dust, shocks and vibrations, and are hence the best companion for the demanding worker in a rough environment.


Mobile alarm systems for a better security

Within demanding environments like manufactures, construction sites or even in the healthcare sector, security of people is not an option. This is why Be IP embeds an alarm system in our servers, to react to alarm situations detected by DECT handsets. Such alarm situations we handle include:

  • man down detection, triggered when an user lies down following a trauma;
  • tear off alarm, triggered if the handset is violently taken from the person holding it;
  • no move detection, triggered when the phone owner doesn’t move for a defined period of time.

Multiple redirection scenarios

Our solutions support multiple redirection scenarios depending on the caller origin and the callee state. In large companies or widespread production halls, you often want to reach someone immediately or know he/she is busy, and you don’t care about leaving a voicemail. But when someone is calling you from outside of the company, you want him/her to be able to leave a voicemail.

You can set up such a scenario and do much more in a breeze with the Be IP LIBERTY Communication Servers.

Broadcast voice messages to everyone

Polycom phones and Kirk DECT handsets, in combination with the Be IP LIBERTY intercom facility, allow broadcasting messages to everyone at once.

This makes it the perfect way to broadcast security messages to everyone or to call a moving person anywhere in the building even if he/she is not holding a DECT handset at the moment.

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