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Put your telephony under control and good care with Be IP

Be IP has a long experience in dealing with the specific needs of Police Stations. This is why we released our new BeIP LIBERTY Communication Server, Police Edition to cover those needs.

Advanced Call Detail Records

Our  powerful call detail records system provides complete and reliable information. It is easy to see who called in, who called out, who answered a call. Determining the different steps of a call through the system is even faster. Our advanced search and report tools are a must for every police station.

Powerful Call Recording

Call recording is often a mandatory feature. Our unified communication software allows easy configuration of automatic call recording. Recording is automatically started or stopped when a call is transferred to somebody whose calls should not be recorded. The software also provides a convenient user interface allowing to listen or download records. It is needless to say that quality is superb!

Redundant Servers

Not a Single Point of Failure

High availability is a basic requirement for any police station. Citizens can call at any time, day and night and a police agent must take the call. That is why we provide the possibility to use redundant servers able to handle load-sharing and zero-downtime active-active redundancy.

Of course, the careful design of our deployed solutions and the use of quality hardware and software also helps reaching five nines reliability.

Unbeatable Privacy

With Be IP, the server is hosted at your office or at your Police station, and we can only reach the server and your data if and when you want us to. We have no way to reach the server unless you activate the support access yourself. This ensures the most total privacy on your activities, records and call histories.

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